Over time the fashion industry has fallen into a detrimental habit of replicating natural fibres with harmful man-made fibres to assist natural fibres is areas they might not perform well, such as shrinkage and flexibility. This has come at a cost to our planet and exposed our bodies to chemicals absorbed through our largest organ, our skin. 

In contrast, organic fibres are produced at a certified organic agricultural standard. They are created using non-toxic chemicals or GMOS ( genetically modified organisms) When we produce garments using organic fibres we are protecting the health of our soil ecosystems and ourselves. 

At McGlinn, our mission is to find new and improved sustainable fibres each day. We are researching, learning, educating and implementing what is best for you and our planet. While we continue to adapt we ask for you to care for your new investment piece as it was designed for. 

100% Organic Fibres may shrink when washing because your garment has not been chemically treated.

Therefore please. note further care instructions. 

  • Cold wash on a delicate setting (DO NOT quick wash) 
  • Wash in wash bag provided or inside out
  • Re-shape while damp if needed 
  • Air dry. DO NOT tumble dry 
  • Can be ironed at medium temperature on correct setting
  • Do not iron silk garment 
  • Do not dry clean 

When washing please consider the environmental impact of the resources used.