the brand


McGlinn designs for the modern man and women. At McGlinn we believe that fashion is a form of expression of one’s true self and dressing to be comfortable should never feel as though you can’t do so.

Fashion helps guide the way of our future. We believe McGlinn needs to be at the forefront of these changes. In doing so we take in the impact that fashion has on the environment and remain conscious of the choices we make.

McGlinns pieces are GOTS(Global organic textile standard) certified organic fabrics and dyed only with natural certified dyes. As well as this, we Endeavor to support our locally owned companies by producing entirely in Australia. These unique elements are McGlinn’s promise to you.

Sustainability is learning to work with our planet and the people in it, rather than against. It means to lighten our impact in the best way we know and only allowing room to make that impact progressively less. This means producing intentional collections and thinking outside of the box. McGlinn’s moral compass is to ensure longevity from the beginning. Our pieces are designed to be timeless investments and not one-off fast fashion pieces.

We are only at the start of this indefinite journey to a more fashion forward, sustainable future. We hope for you to come along this journey with us.

Love McGlinn